How It Works

Mid-March 2020 Update: Table to Table NYC was an idea and mission conceived the first week of March 2020 before mandates were put in place. To flatten the curve, we've postponed our upcoming food tours and will resume when it's deemed safe for public health. Have a look below to learn more about our friends who are co-hosting the future food tours with us. Please keep an eye on our Instagram for updates about the tours aimed to help stimulate awareness and contribute a resurgence of interest in Asian-owned restaurants. In the meantime, we've turned Table to Table into a relief efforts hub where we are cooking hot lunchbox donations for those most vulnerable in/near the Chinatown area with a heavy focus on the homebound elderly. We are especially reminded of our immigrant grandparents who would have had difficulty asking for help during these times because of language and cultural barriers. We also provide meals for the staff of organizations and facilities who have dedicated their efforts into providing support for the residents and neighbors in densely populated Asian communities like Chinatown. If you know of any leads, please contact us.


If you are interested in directly funding our meals, please click on the 'donate' button below.


Our upcoming 3-hour food outings are led by Moonlynn Tsai and Yin Chang, and co-hosted alongside rotating industry professionals where we'll each introduce our favorite food spots to our guests.

A glimpse at some of our friends we’re thrilled to co-host with: 

Anita Lo, chef and cookbook author of "Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One"

Jimmy Ly, chef/owner of Madame Vo and Madame Vo BBQ

Lucas Sin, culinary director of Junzi 

Eric Sze, chef/owner of 886

Dennis Ngo, chef/owner of Di An Di

Kyo Pang, chef/owner Kopitiam

Jacqueline Russo Eng, owner of Partybus Bakeshop

Alex Lau, photographer

Jenny Goodman, co-founder of Tilit NYC

Hannah Wong, executive chef of Van Da

ChiSum Ngai & Kaleena Teoh, co-owners of Coffee Project

Maiko Kyogoku, owner of Bessou

Erin Clarkson, founder of Cloudy Kitchen

Simon Tung, owner of Macaron Parlour

Hawa Hassan, founder of Basbaas Sauce

Elazar Sontag, food writer and editor

Jennifer Sit, senior editor at Clarkson Potter 

Daniel Lee, executive chef, Osakana   

Justin Wee, photographer

Zoey Gong, founder of Table 81 NYC 

Arnold Byun, founder of With Warm Welcome

Ewa & Jeromy Ko, founder of Nom Life

Chloe Sorvino, food/drink writer at Forbes

Joanne Kwong, president of Pearl River Mart

Caroline Mak, program director of hbk incubates at Hot Bread Kitchen

Donny Tsang, photographer

Diane Kang, founder of MAHT Studios

Sivan Harlap, owner of Eastwood


  • Limit our group to a maximum of 10 people to encourage an intimate and personal environment

  • Visit each host's shop-of-choice, leaning more towards the smaller mom-and-pop shops that don’t normally have access to social media (we will swing by and eat at 5 different locations)

  • Enjoy tasters of one to two of the hosts' favorite dishes at each stop


We're closely monitoring the developments and guidelines being set by health officials regarding Covid-19. Our food outings will begin when mandates against public gatherings are lifted. We are hoping to start in April. 


Suggested donation of $45-$75. Proceeds we raise are on a donate-what-you-can-model which will cover all dishes throughout the food outing. All exceeding amounts after food cost and tip will go directly towards the restaurants.


To be a part of our initiative, follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out on our posts for news and updates about our upcoming food outings!



Thank you for your kindness in furthering our initiative. We have ways for you to show support through sponsoring the outings, please contact us to discuss. 


The health and safety of our friends and guests are important to us and it's crucial to bring awareness that we can follow safety guidelines without harassing or being anti-discriminatory towards our Asian sisters and brothers. As with any flu and cold, practice common sense and follow precautionary steps as advised by the CDC and World Health Organization. 

At all times including our outing, for your own health and the health of others, please be sure to:

  • wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before eating, immediately after using the restroom, and anytime you sneeze or cough

  • use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if there is no access to soap and water (please bring your own and we will have some on hand)

  • avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth)

  • carry tissues with you to cover your sneeze or cough

As much as we'd enjoy your company, if you are a human showing any kind of symptoms, are feeling sick, or are living with a fellow human who isn't feeling well, please refrain from joining our outing to keep yourself and others healthy. 

Thank you!